Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Manhunt 2 Receives "M" Rating, Release Set for Halloween

Rockstar Games gets Manhunt 2 green lighted for release

Rockstar Games’ much maligned horror title Manhunt 2 appears to be on track for a release this Halloween.

Manhunt 2 was originally slated for release on the Wii, PlayStation 2 and PSP on July 10 but was temporarily suspended from release following ESRB rating the game AO for adults only. Rockstar Games was left with few options as it is Nintendo and Sony’s policy to not allow AO content on its systems. (Microsoft also carries the same policy, though there is no Manhunt 2 planned for the Xbox 360.)

Publisher Take 2 Interactive and developer Rockstar Games last week announced that it had submitted a modified version of Manhunt 2 to the ESRB, who has now rated the title "M" for Mature for ages 17 and older. The new rating is now acceptable by Sony and Nintendo, which paves the way for the game’s upcoming release this fall.

"Manhunt 2 is important to us, and we're glad it can finally be appreciated as a gaming experience," said Sam Houser, founder and executive producer of Rockstar Games. "We love the horror genre. Manhunt 2 is a powerful piece of interactive story telling that is a unique video game experience. We think horror fans will love it."

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