Monday, August 27, 2007

10 Reasons to avoid Vista

10. Internet Explorer 7: Nothing New
IE7 touts it’s “new” tabbed browsing, better graphics, and a more secure mode to block third party access. What’s wrong with these features? The free Firefox browser does all this and more in a more refined and experienced way, leaving IE7 in it’s cyber dust.

9. Outdated Updating
Windows Vista declares that it has the best updates. Problem is, they’re web based, something the competition has foregone long ago due to problems associated with vulnerability. The new system does little to change it’s updating flaws.

8. Parental Control, Sort Of
In Microsoft’s latest addition parental controls are added for just the first time. For years these controls have been available from third parties and have undergone extensive refining, something Vista’s lack. Best bet; go with proven third party software if parental control is required.

7. Spying Supported?
Do you want your computer to spy on you and report the results? Most users aim to prevent their computer from doing this while, rumor has it, Vista will include Digital Rights Management; a programmed designed to report user statistics.

6. Improved Backups
Windows has already perfected the backup and restore system. So have all their competitors and even some third party companies. Why is this a selling point for an expensive OS upgrade, it isn’t.

5. Peer to Peer = A positive?
Also included in the newest major update, a form of wiki called peer-to-peer collaboration. Even though this may be a great internet and computer tool. Making it a key component of an operating system known for its flaws could turn out to be a disaster in the making.

4. The barebones of media
Microsoft and its operating systems have long been known as the least media centric of the operating system, even being parodied as such in commercials produced by Apple.
Vista tries to play catch-up for the years it has not focused on media, and it shows.

3. Lacking graphics
For years, Windows has focused on more important things than graphics such as security. All the while, however, it has fallen far behind its competitors and tries to reestablish itself. Vista has failed to realize it’s customer base, a group more interested in getting work done then a pretty screen.

2. Quick Setup
Vista does get one thing write, setup is a breeze. Problem is, it took those years to get this right and now other operating systems have perfected the science of the setup even better than the company who created the operating system.

1. Security
Finally, the most important issue of all, security. Windows finally adds User Account Protection in Vista, over 20 years after it first became available and after multiple other operating systems has already integrated it into their programs. Need two phrases that go together, Microsoft and security flaws.

Windows in itself is not a bad operating system, but upgrading a past system is not a worthwhile investment. If you are still up in the air on Windows Vista, a lot of information can be found both for and against the operating system can be found by completing a simple search on the internet.

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